A Comprehensive Eye-exam Must Include…

OCT Scanning

The OCT machine, similar to ultrasound, uses light to illustrate the different layers that make up the eyeball!

Vision Examination

A comprehensive eye exam uses an Optometry Doctors’ expertise combined with imaging equipment to provide a full check-up for your vision. It can also detect Diabetes, Glaucoma & and other conditions early.

Visual Field Test

The visual field test determines how far the eye can see without moving in any direction at all, and how sensitive the vision can be in various sections of the visual field.

Progressive Vision

What is progressive vision?

Progressive Glasses will provide you with everything you need in a pair of glasses by combining the near and far sights into one pair of lenses! Progressive lenses make up for a flexible vision. They are optimised for intermediate distance, such as your computer screen, in addition to reading and far distance with our 4K technology.

Single Vision

What is Single Vision?

The most common form of prescription lenses are single vision eyeglasses; they correct only one field of vision which is either near or distant. Single vision glasses are widely used to improve the vision of near-or farsighted users, as well as those with astigmatism.. They can also be used for tasks such as reading, working on a computer screen, and driving.

Safety Glasses

Given our wide selection of protective eyewear, we have you covered whether you need protection for work or sports. Our safety glasses offer exceptional safety from any kind of projectiles, dirt or dust that could affect one during work and/or an exercise. Canadian-made 4K lenses will give you the precision you need to get anything done with sharp vision!

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Book Your Exam Online to Get…

Complimentary Sunglasses

When you book your eye-exam online

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By getting your eye-exam with us, you get to claim your complimentary pair of sunglasses from our select frames. These sunglasses are not Rx-able.

2 Pair Deals

Members Only

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Book your eye-exam online to redeem your membership with us! That gives you access to our 2 Pair deals. $299 for two pairs of Single Visions and $599 for progressives!

1 Year Prescription Lens Warranty

Covers User Errors Too!

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By getting your eye-exam with us, your lenses get a 1-year replacement warranty at 50% off. This will include lost/stolen lenses, breakage due to user error, and many more!