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Contact Lens Examination

Contact lenses are a comfortable, invisible alternative to eyeglasses. At Opticanada, our optometrist will help you find the best fit for your contact lenses.

The contact lens fitting process involves multiple steps, and it may be different for each patient. It is important to find the right lens to fit your eyes and your lifestyle.

First, a comprehensive eye exam is performed.
Before we fit your eyes with contact lenses, an eye exam is needed to establish your prescription for corrective lenses. During this examination, we’ll also check for any eye health issues you may be experiencing, to make sure that contact lenses are indeed right for you.

What happens during the contact lens consultation and fitting?
If you are a good candidate for contact lenses, we will proceed with the contact lens fitting.

Discussing Your Needs
The first step is a discussion about your preferences when it comes to contact lenses and about your lifestyle. We strive to maximize your visual outcome.
We are here to help you make the best choice amongst many options for contact lenses, such as daily wear, bi-weekly wear, monthly wear and colour disposable lens choices.
We also fit contact lenses for prescriptions with astigmatism using toric contact lenses
For patients over 40 years of age that are experiencing reading difficulty, we offer multifocal contact lenses.

Contact Lens Measurements
Contact lenses come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Your yes are unique to you, and if the curvature of your contact lenses is too steep or too flat for the shapes your eye, then they won’t fit you comfortably.
Measurements will be taken for different parts of your eye to ensure a proper fit.

Trial Contact Lenses
Trial lenses will be used to test the correct fitting and prescription. With the trial lenses in place, your optometrist will evaluate the movement and position of the lenses under a microscope.
If you are a first time contact lens wearer, you will be fully trained on how to insert, remove, and care of contacts. Most patients motivated to wear contact lenses learn very quickly and become skilled in a short time.
After your initial fitting, a follow up visit will be recommended to confirm your lenses continue to feel comfortable and fit you properly.

Technologic advancements in contact lens material and design in recent years have made it possible for nearly anyone to wear them. Book an eye exam with our optometrist to discuss your options.