What is Vision Examination?

Regular eye and vision examinations are an integral part of preventative health awareness. Many eye and vision problems have no apparent symptoms and you may not know the problem exists to begin with! Early detection and treatment of such issues can help prevent vision impairment or vision loss in severe cases. Our comprehensive exam may include, but is not limited to, the following tests.

Patient history

The doctor will inquire about any existing eye or vision concerns as well as your overall health. A patient history will also include when your eye or vision issues first appeared, any medicines you’re taking, and any work-related or environmental factors that might be impacting your vision. The doctor will also inquire about any prior eye or health problems you or your family members have had.

Visual Accuracy

The sharpness of each eye’s vision is measured using visual evaluation metrics. Visual acuity is frequently measured using reading charts. You will be tested on your ability to read letters on charts from a distance and up close.

Preliminary Preperation

An Optometrist may wish to examine some areas of the patient’s vision and eye health first. Depth perception, colour vision, eye muscle movements, peripheral or side vision, and the way your pupils respond to light are all examples of preliminary testing.


By concentrating a circle of light on the cornea and measuring its reflection, these tests determine the curvature of the cornea (the transparent outer surface of the eye). When it comes to establishing the correct fit for contact lenses, this dimension is especially important.


The lens power required to compensate for any refractive mistake is determined by refraction (nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism). The doctor inserts a succession of lenses in front of your eyes using a device called a phoropter. The doctor next uses a portable lit tool called a retinoscope to measure how these lenses concentrate light. The doctor may utilise an equipment that automatically assesses the eye’s focusing ability. The lens power is then fine-tuned depending on the patient’s feedback on which lenses provide the best vision.

To assess how the eyes behave under normal viewing conditions, this experiment may be done without the use of eye drops. A doctor of optometry, on the other hand, will utilise eye drops with patients who are unable to communicate verbally or when some of the eyes’ focusing ability is obscured. The drops prevent the eyes from shifting focus throughout the exam.

Focusing, eye teaming, and movement testing

The eyes must efficiently change focus, move, and operate in harmony in order to see a clear, single image. The ability of your eyes to concentrate, move, and function together is determined by an examination of accommodation, ocular motility, and binocular vision. This exam will check for issues that prevent eyes from concentrating properly or make it difficult to use both eyes at the same time.

Sample Test Result
Vision Test

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